Home-Cooked Southern Food at its finest!

What we have to offer:

Home-Cooked Southern Food at its Finest!

Our longtime cooks have been serving some of the same crowd-pleasing recipes for over a decade. The Nelson family guarantees you that not one single ingredient will ever come from a can but the tomatoes in our succotash and soups. The salad bars are fresh, never frozen. An actual chef carves our steaks and cooks our gourmet soups. Our pies and cakes are all Sara Lee and other top brands, and we make our bread and banana puddings from scratch. Plus, who's not a sucker for soft-serve ice cream?

Weekend Breakfast Buffet

Every Saturday and Sunday starting at 8:00am, we have a seriously under-appreciated breakfast buffet. We have staples likes scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and biscuits & gravy, but we also have homemade favorites like french toast, pancakes, and some world-class breakfast potatoes. Not to mention one whole bar of cereal, pastries, and doughnuts and another dedicated to fresh-cut fruit. And it's extremely affordable!

Best Value, Guaranteed!

For the quality and quantity, we guarantee you won't find a better all-you-can-eat deal anywhere. We stand head and shoulders above the quality of cheaper Chinese buffets, and we'll actually provide a clean environment and Mom & Pop hospitality unlike the feeding trough chains who will try to sneak one by you by charging extra for drinks. Who wants to pay extra for sweet tea to go with their fried chicken?

variety you won't find anywhere else

Healthy Choices

  • We Southerners are known for our butter, salt, bacon, and sugar, but it's really easy to be health-conscious at Barnyard. 
  • We limit our salt so you can make your own choices at the table, and we always have sugar-free pies and jello. 
  • We've got two huge salad bars with every fresh option you can think of, and we always offer baked chicken and fish, gourmet soups, and a massive selection of revolving Southern veggies. 

Staples & Specials

  • We might start a riot amongst our regulars if we ever had a lapse in our signature dishes:
  • There's whole catfish on-the-bone every night after 4pm (except Sundays).
  • You'll always find hand-breaded fried chicken and fish fillets (with our own secret breading mixes), hushpuppies, pot roast, mac 'n' cheese, mashed potatoes, white rice, brown and chicken gravies, green beans, corn, honey-glazed sweet potatoes, yeast rolls, greens, and cornbread both lunch and dinner. 
  • The rest of our more than 30 slots on our 3 hot bars will always be filled with a revolving selection of delicious meats, fried snacks, gourmet soups, and southern vegetables. 
  • Call to see if we've got fried pork chops, fried livers or gizzards, BBQ pork, hamburger steak, or our crown jewel: the secret family meatloaf recipe. And we're always trying to think of new ideas to keep things interesting!

Italian Wednesdays, Weekend Steak, Ribs, & Seafood Special, and Sunday Dinner

  • Our Italian-influenced chef serves up an unexpected treat every Wednesday at lunch: You can't claim to know Barnyard without trying Chef Lee's spaghetti with meat sauce, stuffed bell peppers, and garlic cheese biscuits. 
  • Friday night means baked potatoes and expertly-carved steak grilled fresh and served in au jus with sauteed onions, peppers, mushrooms, and tomatoes on the side. There's also fried shrimp and stuffed crab shells. 
  • Saturday is just like Friday, but with the added bonus of some killer ribs glazed just right in Tawanna's homemade BBQ sauce.
  • And finally, we couldn't call ourselves a Southern joint without a proper Sunday Dinner: Deloris' made-from-scratch chicken 'n' dumplin's, turkey and gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, applesauce, glazed ham, corn souflee, homemade broccoli & cheese casserole, and collard greens. And don't forget: In the South, "Sunday Dinner" runs all day.


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